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We are so lucky; every day we have the honour of working closely with some seriously talented people.

As you know, our industry is so fast paced, it is always changing but this is what we love the most about it. Trends come and go but we pride ourselves on always being one step ahead. We have a team of experienced and creative individuals, who all bring something different to the table and certainly don’t do things by the book. Instead of just picking products from a catalogue, we make judgements on customer’s reactions to a product, their budget, their style and work from there. This is why Chefs trust us and why Chef Owners, Restauranteurs, Food and Beverage Manager, Directors, Purchasing Managers, Designers etc. choose us for their projects.

From new openings to refurbishments to new menus to chef tables, you name it, we work on all kinds of projects; a real mix and we love it!

We are known as the ‘Suppliers of Innovation’ because we have the resources, the brands, the products and the expertise to help you with any kind of project. We are big enough to cope but small enough to care. We love what we do and we think this passion shows in the results.

Over the years, we have worked on some truly amazing projects. We thought we would share a couple of them with you below. We can’t share them all, but we will try and keep this page updated with a variety, so you can get a feel of what we can do, how we develop concepts, project outcomes and most importantly; what the customer thought.

Like what you see? We have a fabulous showroom located at 20 Little Portland Street, London. If you are interested in working with us on an upcoming project, then you are very welcome to get in touch and come along to our showroom for a ‘Creative Development Session’ or simply for a look around. We believe things become more personal when clients see and feel the products for real. You can also get a sense of how we work and also discuss bespoke product options (see more information on bespoke here).

If you have worked with us and would like us to share your project story here, then please get in touch.




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