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Sous Vide

The popularity of sous vide cooking is on the rise, with professional chefs looking for ways to lock in 100% of food flavour and texture. A sous vide machine gives you full control over boiling temperature, helping you vacuum-cook foods to perfection and impress your guests with wonderfully succulent meat, fish and shellfish dishes. Browse our collection of sous vide water baths, immersion circulators, vacuum packers and sous vide tools to assemble your perfect sous vide cooking system and begin your next set of culinary creations.

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Searching for a way to retain 100% of the flavour, texture and tenderness of your meat, fish and shellfish? A sous vide machine is the ultimate chef’s best friend and helps you do precisely this, making sous vide an increasingly popular cooking technique.

Sous vide works by sealing food inside an airtight vacuum pack and cooking in a water bath on a low temperature for a long period of time, helping busy working kitchens maximise advance preparation and ensuring food is cooked evenly. 

Our collection of sous vide water baths, immersion circulators, thermometer kits, vacuum packers and other sous vide tools and accessories is the ultimate one-stop shop for all things sous vide. With everything you could ever need to get your sous vide cooker up and running, you can begin experimenting with new culinary creations in no time. 

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