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Hot List... Dan Shotton

Next Chef to grace our Hot List is Dan Shotton, head chef at the 3 Rosette Yorebridge House in Leyburn. 


Yorebridge House is nestled in an idyllic spot in the Yorkshire Dales. Surrounded by dramatic countryside, it attracts a clientele who aren’t just looking for the beauty of ‘God’s Own Country’; they want to be cosseted in luxury and indulged with great food.

They come to Yorebridge to stay, eat and relax, which means that guests can dine in the restaurant night-after-night. Quite a challenge and a different approach is needed in trying to satisfy customers when you only have one restaurant.


Dan admits that it is difficult to satisfy every guest’s expectations, whilst as a chef he wants to continue to evolve his food. He is the first to admit that in the end people will only come back if they have had a great experience.

‘Sometimes you have to reign in your more experimental or trend-based ideas and deliver great food that people will remember for all the right reasons. We keep pace with what is happening food-wise but we will only develop in a way that we think is right for our customers.’