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Hot List - Daniel Watkins

Next chef up to feature on our Hot List is the very talented Daniel Watkins. 

We have had the pleasure of working with Daniel on two of our photo shoots and we can reveal he is an anomaly! Not only is he an amazing chef, he is also an equally amazing photographer. Even our own photographer was impressed by the snaps he uploads on his social media, especially Instagram!

This combination of culinary skill, an eye for great presentation and a real feel for how to take a great image has made Daniel an Instagram sensation!

For our recent Autumn/Winter photo shoot, when we were thinking about what you would find interesting, we didn't just want to concentrate on the more popular aspects of Autumn and Winter.

We also like to showcase new trends, so we came up with the idea of Nikkei cuisine, but we didn't know any chefs who cooked this food - so we asked Daniel if this was something he would be interested in! 

Like the true artist he is, Daniel was immediately inspired by the prospect of combining the delicacy of Japanese style with some great Peruvian staple ingredients, such as pulses and beans. 

What he came up with was not only visually stunning, but each dish was constructed around what he would cook as a dish. 

In the end, he was surprised that so many of the ingredients he had researched for this style of cuisine were already standard items in his kitchen, it was just the construct of the dish that changed. 

We love working with Daniel, because he really puts his all into every dish he comes up with for photography! Every time, he completely inspires and surprises us. 

Why not check out his Look Book here and shop Daniel's style!