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The Hot List

Next chef to feature on our Hot List is Danny Parker - Head Chef, House of Tides, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 


“All chefs dream of getting a break in this business and it usually only comes, if ever, after a good few years of hard slog. I am lucky to have Kenny Atkinson as a boss and a mentor."


He and his wife, Abbie, have pushed me and supported me through not only Masterchef and The Great British Menu experiences, but in learning how the business of running a restaurant works.


Sometimes I will come up with a dish and run with it, and sometimes Kenny will do the same, most of the time, we work on them together, involving the team as a whole. It’s a great learning process but we are always conscious that this is a business and the dish only works if our customers like it.


The kind of support and backing I have had from Kenny will stay with me forever. I hope I am fortunate enough in the future to do the same for other young chefs.”

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