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The Hot List - Paul Hood

Next chef to feature on our Hot List is the very talented Paul Hood!

Paul Hood is, without doubt, one of London’s leading chefs. With Social Eating House he has created not only a restaurant, which was swiftly awarded a Michelin star, but a place that will quickly become a favourite once you have eaten Paul’s food.

Trust us, you will want to go back again and again!


His talent for creating innovative and hugely satisfying food within a casual ambience is that unique blend that underpins all of the Social Group Restaurants.

Having worked alongside Jason Atherton at Maze, Paul wanted to create his own version of Social Dining when Jason found the ideal location to expand.


The Chefs’ Table at Social Eating House is one of the best experiences, even if you are eating on your own. You can enjoy some of Paul’s most memorable dishes that have created a trend all of their own.