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Traditional Afternoon Tea


Afternoon Tea was once only enjoyed by the upper classes, today it can be enjoyed by everyone, as a special treat or celebration.  

It seems fitting that your Afternoon Tea should reflect its opulent past. It also needs to complement the look and feel of your hotel or restaurant too. Most hotels serve theirs in magnificent rooms, which call for an Afternoon Tea service that reflects this. 

Bone china is a classic option for a Traditional Afternoon Tea look. It’s elegant, durable and timeless. We love Narumi Bone China with Platinum Line, featured to the right.

Bespoke decoration is available on Narumi Bone China, ask for details and create your own sophisticated Afternoon Tea look. Why not introduce some silverware, for that extra touch of elegance. 


The Modern/Quirky Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea doesn’t have to be sophisticated and elegant. Firstly, this look might not complement your hotel or restaurant. Secondly, it’s ok to be different if you want to stand out from the crowd! 

We have seen more and more casual dining restaurants and pubs serving afternoon tea then ever before. It’s time to put your own unique twist on a traditional classic!

We have called this idea the Modern/Quirky Afternoon Tea. Why not introduce colour, we love these porcelain cake stands with colourful pedestal pictured to the left. Or why not go for something with a coloured base like this Figgjo stand

Or swap your cake stands for metallic trays? We are loving copper right now, it goes perfectly with pastel colours. 


The Rustic Afternoon Tea


If you are looking for a Rustic –themed Afternoon Tea then we would suggest opting for stoneware, it has a more rustic look and feel, rather than porcelain or bone china. 

Our favourites are Costa Nova Village Cake Stands and Impressions Platters. Don’t be afraid to mix and match ranges and shapes, as this ‘eclectic, mismatched’ look is very rustic.  

Why not add some wooden boards, or even serve on top of a mini picnic table (see more in our props section!) to give it that extra rustic edge.


Fun-Size Props

We are always thinking of new and innovative ways for you to serve your amazing creations, Afternoon Tea included!  

Here, we have put together a couple of concepts. From mini-carts to trestle and picnic tables, we can make almost anything out of wood!

We especially love the our mini cart. Its such a simple idea and is a cute way to serve your miniature sweet and savoury desserts. We can also make it in different sizes too!

The picnic table is proving a customer favourite, as there is plenty of room for platters, plates and cake stands, each at different heights. Again, this is available in a variety of sizes.

These are just our ideas – if you have an idea of your own, then get in touch and we can see how we can make your vision a reality!