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Bring on the Buffet

As you all know, deciding on the perfect tableware for a restaurant can be challenging, so imagine what it’s like trying to come up with the items needed to create an amazing presentation for a large buffet or food display.

Luckily, we are experts on both and this Inspire Me page is all about giving you a bit of insight into how we put together concepts for buffet solutions.

Let’s start with size. Buffets tend to be large in scale. For restaurants, it is all about how your crockery works on the table or how it can help elevate a certain dish, for buffet, size matters and the bigger the better. It has to look the part but also be functional for your guests.

It’s all about first impressions too and being able to grab your guest’s attention from a distance, which can be quite difficult to achieve. We think of it as setting a stage; it needs the right architecture, furniture and props and they all need to work in harmony. We call this; the art of display.

For hotels, the Breakfast Buffet is an event that most guests will likely experience, therefore it will be judged on the hotel’s style and quality. So all eyes on the Breakfast will yours perform? No matter what food you serve, whether it be only cold ambient food or a mix of hot and cold, it deserves an appealing presentation. If you send your customers away happy and satisfied, then chances are they will come back again.

There are also large-scale events, such as weddings or conferencing, where the buffet or food display is crucial for setting the tone of the event. Exceeding guest expectations is important, some organisers will even create entire concepts for just one event, making it a whole experience. It is truly amazing!

And of course, we have not forgot creative food displays for Contract Catering environments. These guys are on whole different level, quite literally! They will serve large office building which can accommodate 3,000 staff or more! Staff Dining is huge, often compromising of Hot Counters, Salad Bars, Deli Counters, Coffee Concepts, Grab and Go and all presented in a unique and innovative way. We have so much fun with these kinds of projects, which includes well-designed concepts that are suitable for the space, décor, numbers, functional elements and food styles. It is so exciting!

When it comes to the architecture of buffet displays, we’ve got this covered too. We create height and different staging levels using interesting materials and styles, often dressed with props to complete the look. We are also not afraid to use a mixture of Porcelain, Stoneware, Cast Iron, Enamel and Melamine.

Our go-to brand for buffet has got to be Figgjo, who produce the most amazing porcelain pieces of all shapes and sizes, from gastronorms to platters to serving bowls. They also offer a bespoke decoration service on as few as 6 pieces, which means we can create a concept that is totally unique to each client. Figgjo is also really durable, making it a cost-effective brand for buffet.

For Stoneware, we often use Costa Nova as they have so many options from rustic right through to contemporary styles. They are always updating their offerings too, which makes it a fantastic choice for affordable and stylish buffet pieces.

Similar to how we work with restaurants, our offerings are not limited to catalogue choices. These are just guides, we can create or find pretty much anything (within reason, of course). We are known for our creative wooden boards, metal risers and creating new combinations that are totally unique, like our Pipe Risers. We absolutely love creating looks from scratch, so get in touch if you want to discuss ideas on something unique!

We touch on some of these Buffet trends in our Goodf Guide, from Industrial to Scandi, which we can adapt to individual styles. If you are wondering how this is all put together, it all starts with a meeting, where we find out requirements and bounce around ideas. We then build a set in our showroom to demonstrate how various elements work together to complete the concept.

Interested in working with us on your latest buffet or food display venture? Get in touch and arrange a meeting and see where it goes from there!

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