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Inspire Me...Casual Dining

Relaxed, Hearty & Seasonal

Over the years, we have seen a real growth in the casual dining market, especially in casual dining groups.

This is probably because people are eating out more (more than once a week) and they want to find somewhere with a relaxed atmosphere and a menu packed with things they expect to see (e.g. burgers, fish and chips). However, these types of diners still want quality.

Whatever the reason, we love the contrast in this industry. It is what keeps it so fresh and fast-moving.  

So, how would we explain casual dining? An establishment that offers relaxed surroundings and a hearty, seasonal menu. However, everyone has their own take on casual dining and that is great too. It is no wonder that casual dining is having its day. 

Looking for some inspiration for your casual dining restaurant or pub? Look no further, as we have put together some concepts that we think you are going to love. 




Perfect Platters

Looking for a different way to present burgers, steak or even fish and chips? We are loving platters right now. They are so versatile and offer enough space for you to get really creative with dish. 


We especially love Impressions Oval Platter, available in 35cm and 45cm. In the image opposite, our friends at The Fox Hole Pub in Darlington use these platters not only to present their renowned steak dish, but also for their Sunday service too! This brings a real sharing aspect to the table, as the platters are big enough to fit multiple foods on. 


We also love the subtle rustic look with the Impressions platters. However, if this isn't what you are looking for but want to experiment with platters, then get in touch, as we have a variety of different styles available. 

Beautifully Bespoke

For your more popular or signature dishes why not go with something bespoke, to really make the dish stand out?


We think burgers and sandwiches look fantastic when served on a wooden board. It adds to the authentic casual look and it will really impress your guests too!


We work with our in-house woodworks team to create looks that are specific to the casual dining scene. The burnt wood burger board picture on the right is just an example of what we can do. 


We can even create concepts for bread and butter, condiments and even snacks. Just get in touch

Stunning Stoneware

Stoneware is the perfect crockery option for casual dining restaurants and pubs because it tends to be heavier and more hard-wearing than porcelain. We also have a variety of different glazes available in stoneware.


For this, we have chosen our Costa Nova Friso dinner plate. Not only does this range boast an attractive price tag, but it also looks and feels great too. The faint grey edging frames your food. This is what makes Friso so popular amongst casual dining restaurants, because it offers that rustic feel without going for something that is brown or beige. 


Our friends at The Fox Hole Pub have opted to present a fresh salad on the right, but we think Friso works with any dish, even desserts!


Vibrant & Bold


Just because your establishment is classed as casual dining, doesn't mean you should be scared of coloured crockery. 


Go bold and experiment with different colours, or take it one step at a  time and just introduce colour to certain dishes or courses.


We love Degrenne Modulo in blue. It's vibrant and affordable. Certainly a bold choice, but we think it works fantastic with dessert courses.

We can help create innovative casual dining concepts...want to see more? Then get in touch today!