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Cookplay - Serious Fun

From the very first time we saw Cookplay, we fell in love with Ana Roquero’s designs. She has a really unique take on the presentation of food which epitomises what we admire about modern Spanish creativity.

From simple lines, to sensuous shapes, Cookplay can be used as one-off pieces or whole concepts. It never overwhelms the food. It allows chefs to ‘play’ in their own way with how to use each form. From the original Jamon to the latest Gochi range, these designs have already become modern classics. The sizing of each range brings a mini version for dainty delicacies, to large pieces; meaning there is an ideal  Cookplay piece for the way you want to use it.

Ana’s vision of purity in design is characterised in the white Jomon, which now can be bought in a range of colour-ways, including ultra-chic Silver & Gold. Jomon is not only ideal for individual dishes but is probably best known as a creative canapé service, combined with its purpose-designed Bamboo tray.

We love Gochi for its quirky and playful plate-form; and the Tablet for its thoughtful sense of purpose.

Now with options for Eco-friendly disposable, Cookplay is entering a new era. Totally on-point with Chikio its 100% Biodegradable & Compostable containers, you have a choice of eco-consciousness for takeaway that does not stint on style.

If you have not had the Cookplay experience, why not visit our Showroom or website to see what it might bring to your table.

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