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Meet at the Barrelo

One of the most exciting things about being part of the hospitality industry is how fast it moves. Trends come and go, some stick and others don’t but it is always exciting! We have a lot of fun developing concepts for ‘the next big thing’ or the latest craze.

Our current source of joy is our recent project to develop concepts for the emerging trend in Bar/Restaurant/Lounge venues. Who doesn’t love a cocktail, then dinner, then a nightcap or two in a really cool location? And believe us, there are some amazing venues in London at the moment! Well, we had to do our research didn’t we?

This way of dining is definitely more relaxed and stimulates conversation, making it a really fun and social way to dine. It also makes a lot of sense for diners who don’t want to bar-hop all night but instead want to enjoy a bit of everything in one place. It is genius!

If you operate one of these venues, then you know it’s all about nailing the style of the concept, the delivery of excellence and keeping it fresh. For operators, you are talking about a basic nightmare (let’s be honest) but the ones who get it right will see huge growth over the next few years.

So where do we come in? We have put our own take on this trend, calling it ‘Barrelo’ (which is the merge of ‘Bar’, ‘Restaurant’ and ‘Lounge’). A perfect marriage of cutlery, crockery and glassware that work from bar to restaurant to lounge. This can be tricky to get right, so we are here to help.

Starting with the bar. This is a trend we have seen explode in the last year or so, which means the demand on innovative presentation is so important. It is all about the drinks menu and what your mixologists want to serve – it truly is an art. You can serve a cocktail in almost anything (we have seen some marvellous creations). We are currently loving Wormwood, our vintage-inspired glassware from the Italesse brand. It evokes the Belle Epoque charm of French Bars, so decadent and classy and a little different to anything else out here. It will certainly provoke conversation and be worthy of an Instagram snap! Check out the Wormwood collection here.


We also love the bold inventiveness of 100% Bar which specialises in producing glassware and gadgets that appeal to cutting-edge Mixologists.

Have you spotted our new affordable luxury glassware collections? You will find a variety of shapes and sizes, for all types of drinks. Our favourite is the ‘Timeless’ shape. The bold lines and weighted bottom makes it the perfect glass for a good Old Fashioned or Negroni!

An added dimension to the new Bar scene is the rise of snacks with drinks – ‘cocktail food’.  We are developing a whole range of products aimed at a lot more than serving a bowl of nuts! Think Buttermilk Chicken Tenders served with Sriracha Bitters and Spicy Mayo. In our recent Goodf Guide we did a photo-shoot in a wonderful local hotel and served up Canned Popcorn in a mad ceramic ‘Can’ on a burnt wood board with a copper strap. What do you think?? You can order your copy of our Goodf Guide here.

The Restaurant aspect is relatively easy as we supply fabulous Restaurant tableware every day. At these venues, the food is exquisite, so the presentation has to be out of this world and not only work for the chef but for the concept too. Check out our tableware collections here or arrange a visit at our London showroom to see what’s new in sexy plates.

When it comes to the Lounge, this can be a whole different feel. A bit more chilled or, if it’s at the start of an evening, a great music venue, or just a place to relax with friends who don’t want a crazy night! The glassware and style of service and décor are vital to creating the right mood. We just love Riedel’s recently launched Drink Specific glasses, which are a great solution. See more from this collection here.  

As you have probably noticed when browsing our website or flicking through our new catalogue, we have massively increased our range of glassware for the Barrelo concept. Don’t be afraid of combining drinks with food – some of the best chefs in the industry are doing it, so why not? It is a really fun and innovative concept and we are loving it! We hope this feature has sparked your interest for this new craze and given you a few ideas too! After all, it is all about inspiring you!

Want to delve into the world of Barrelo? We can certainly help…let’s grab a drink and meet at the Barrelo! See the full Barrelo range here.