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Stone Notebook


We launched the highly anticipated Stone Notebook back in March and when it landed, it went viral! Chefs from all over the world (yep, it even reached as far as Australia!) wanted to get their hands on this new piece of kit. And who can blame them, the Stone Notebook was designed and created for chefs. It features a lay-flat design with magnets that stick to stainless steel work surfaces, so it doesn’t slip when you are scribbling down your recipes. It also has perforated pages, making it easy to rip out ideas. It is also water-proof and grease-proof, so much so that we have even spotted chefs showing off and serving their dishes on the actual pages (chefs do the craziest of things!). The Stone Notebook is available in red, black and tan with the option to personalise with initials and logos too! Believe us, it will be at the top of every chefs Christmas list this year! Order here.

Foraging Knife


We are seeing more and more restaurants and hotels growing their own produce, either in on-site gardens or even from their own farm. This is a great idea as shows the ingredients they use really are local and as fresh as can be. This means that chefs are learning new skills, such as foraging. To do this, they need the right kit, which is why we have found this handy pocket sized fixed blade knife. The compact size and precision blade make it a great all-round foraging knife. We haven’t even launched this brand yet, but thought we would introduce the foraging knife early especially for Christmas. Keep an eye out for more foraging products in the New Year. For now, you can shop here.

Leather Apron


Leather aprons are bang on trend right now! You’ve probably spotted chefs and bar staff adorning them in some of the coolest and hippest restaurants and bars in London. Not only do they look the part but leather aprons are also really versatile. They are easy to clean, they are light to wear and are made to last. We have found a brand that makes the most beautiful leather aprons by hand, so the quality is unbelievable! We haven’t even launched this brand yet, it’s still meant to be top secret, but we have added to our website just for Christmas! More products from this brand coming soon! For now, #mce_temp_url#shop here.

Hip Flask


For the chef who enjoys a tipple, this shotgun cartridge hip flask is the ideal gift. This product instantly stood out to us, picking it for its unusual design. It features a handy brass screw top, which doubles as a lid. We also chose it as it is probably not something you would normally choose for your brigade, but it is a great gift if you are looking for something a little bit more special. We have added this product especially for the festive period, shop here.  


Keeping with the foraging theme (see foraging knife above) we could not include a knife without a bag to accompany it! When out and about foraging for fresh and beautiful ingredients for their creations, chefs will need a handy and practical bag to store their goods. We have found a fantastic day-to-day hold-all, which was specifically designed for foraging. What makes this extra special, is the bag is made from used army tents making it durable and hard-wearing! This will be featuring on our website just for the festive period...coming soon!