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The Beginning

We knew our move was going to be a big moment in G & G history, we had a brand new space that we could design from scratch…where did we begin? This Inspire Me page is all about sharing with you how and why we came up with the final design, as well as showing you how we put together concepts. 

It’s now week 5 in our new space (where has that month gone?) and we’ve had such a positive reaction from customers who have already visited our showroom and also those who came along to our launch party. It amazing how different all the products look in the new setting, we are now able to showcase them much more clearly, as we have more space to play with! Our London team are overjoyed by this, as it make appointments even more efficient than before.  

Our showroom journey is a big part of how G & G is changing what our amazing team, all with different skills and talents, can do together! 

Check out our before and after image below – what a transformation!! Believe it or not, the space was an office, so we stripped it down to its original shell, making it a canvas that we could work with!


Look & Feel

We needed the Look and Feel to be current but timeless so that our products could change with the trends without the interiors feeling dated.

We wanted to keep our Goodfellows feel that we had created in our Baker Street showroom so that we had a bit of familiarity and brand image in the new space (we even managed to bring our copper door with us!). At the same time, we wanted to create something new and exciting that showcased our extensive range of products.

Check out our Mood Board images – the starting point of how we wanted it to Look and Feel. The high ceiling and lead windows were major features and one of the reasons we fell in love with the space. The room is always flooded with light, we decided to complement this with an Industrial Look and Feel.

Charcoal grey walls, a combination of metals, warm tones of brick, marble finishes and wooden accents – these all worked so well with the industrial features.

Our Mood Board started to take shape!


For such a busy showroom, functionality was a key factor in the design of the space.

The details of how each piece of furniture would house the products was important, and we needed to ensure the displays were not just aesthetically pleasing but practical too. 

The London team know best when it comes to taking customers round the showroom and collaboratively we all helped come up with solutions to make showroom appointments more comfortable, informative and efficient for customers.

The customer experience needed to be combined with an overall wow factor to showcase our array of design, supply and service capabilities. 

We encourage customers to put together concepts in the showroom and use the space as they would for a table set up in their own establishment. From this, we designed movable cubes at different heights to create an interactive environment where they could lay up on surfaces that mimicked a restaurant table.

The cubes provided further display and storage spaces for products that could be easily moved around on wheels. We love them! 



We knew that splitting the room into areas of function and price was logical for customers in appointments, as this had worked well in the old showroom.

It also naturally creates visual pockets of interest which splits up a large space and makes it a bit more interesting.

Buffet Area

This section needed to house our largest items so the design of the shelving and display area needed to cater for this. We wanted to show buffet set ups as they would be on site, so a deep counter was imperative where we could create different heights with risers and ‘layers’ to the display.

A wall of stacked open boxes creates a divider to separate the buffet section from the rest of the showroom, whilst providing more ways to display products creatively.


Fine Dining Area

This one was a little tricky as fine dining plates are often white and we needed to strike a balance between a feel of luxury and elegance without it just being rows of white places. This would also be the first area you see when entering the showroom, so it needed to have impact too.

We decided to create a feature within this section and came up with placing a heavy industrial looking table to set up with a mixture of our fine dining plates and accessories that complement each other. To set it off, a tall flower arrangement in the centre was added to create a bit of drama and to set it all off! 


Bar Area

This area would be to serve the purpose of showcasing glassware and create a bit of a hub for customers to be served drinks before a meeting. To make this a real feature of the showroom, we used lots of hard metals against a brick wall background and a bit of green planting to break it up.  

The bar area sits in the middle of the showroom and is a real focal point, customers love it!

Finishing Touches

To complete the look and feel, we rounded it all up with some subtle finishing touches.

To soften the look and add a bit more personality we’ve added things like planting, soft seating and themed accessories (this is always the fun part!).

Introducing a key colour, we chose teal, which injected a pop of colour that we can bring in throughout the room. Teal against the warm rich reds/oranges in the brickwork and the cool zinc metal tones works really well and adds some vibrancy!

We would love to know what you think!