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Round the World with Figgjo


We have worked with Figgjo for many years and one of the things we love most about this brand is their ability to create something truly unique with bespoke decoration.

Custom decoration enables the restaurant to create its own, unique look and enhance the culinary experience. Taking influence from different parts of the world, here is just a taste of what you can achieve with bespoke decoration. 



East Asian

Simple, round shapes inspired by the modern South Asian Kitchen. The same type of bowl will often be used for many different purposes – eating, dipping, serving etc. 

A combination of different plates like Figgjo Verde and Figgjo Brem are ideal ranges if you are looking to achieve this look. 

Figgjo Pisa is also perfect for serving rice, soups and other small dishes. Depending on the size of your table, opt for smaller plates if space is limited or large plates for sharing dishes. 

Small jugs are good for dipping sauces and oils, we love the shape of Figgjo’s Creamer, which fits in perfectly with the South Asian modern theme. 

A blend of colourful décor matching the restaurant colour scheme completes the look. 



Japanese tableware is designed to be mix and matched, so don’t be afraid to use a combination of different shapes and sizes, from different ranges. 

Figgjo Bonsai bowls and Form Trays take inspiration from Asian design, so are perfect choices when looking to replicate this look.

Choose small pieces for portion-sized servings, while a large tray works well for sharing dishes. Here in the UK, we choose a statement piece and work up to smaller pieces, while in Japan they concentrate more on the smaller pieces, as these are more important for their dishes.


Custom decoration enables the restaurant to create its own, unique look. Here, Figgjo have used traditional Asian red in many different decor techniques.



Think downtown Marrakesh atmosphere. Colourful, hand decorated and elegant. 

Go for the Figgjo Grad shape to help emphasise the food with its broad, flat rim. It’s elegant design also fits in with this look. 

Elegant pots and mugs are the go to for tea and coffee. Figgjo Verde is a great choice, with is straight edge cups and tall coffee pot.

Custom decoration enables the restaurant to create its own, unique look, taking in the vibrant tones of the interior. Be bold and authentic with your colours. Complex patterns bring across that ‘hand crafted’ feel that is so famous with the Moroccan culture. 



Welcoming and cosy, taking inspiration from countries such as Spain, Italy and France.

Use a combination of different plates for pizza, pasta and tapas, with simple and elegant lines. Figgjo Base is available in a variety of shapes which look great when mix and matched. 

Choose smaller plates when space on the table is limited, whole a tray or large plate works well for sharing options. 

Alternatively, Figgjo Base is available in smaller sizes, perfect for antipasti, tapas and sauces. Traditional mugs and cups with saucers are perfect for Italian Barista coffee (we even use these in our showroom!) taken from Figgjo’s 1200 collection. 

Here, Figgjo have used a Turquoise colour inspired by the Mediterranean sea.