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Bright & Bold

These are just ideas, we have the ability and experience to work with you to create something that works with your own unique style, look and theme. 


There is a whole world of colour and design effects to choose from - we can help you stand out from the crowd. Vibrant colours will certainly brighten up your display and is perfect for spring/summer. 


We love green and grey tones - these work especially well with salad display.  But it is all down to personal preference and the look you are wanting to achieve from your display. We have worked on a variety of projects and have put together some amazingly unique looks. 


Why not come along to our showroom and meet our Design Team? They will listen to your ideas and help you pick something that suits your brief and your budget. Book an appointment here


Clean Stripes


As well as different colours, you can also choose from a range of designs and patterns too. 


Figgjo offer a variety of pattern techniques:

  • Logo
  • Border
  • Full Cover 
  • General Patterns (Skygge, Skygge with Scatter, Dryss, Flom, Spray)
  • Uniquely Crafted
  • Hand -painted (thin-stripe, rustic stroke, strok, striping, full cover)
  • Gold/Platinum 


As you can see from the image on the left, we experimented with hand-painted stripping and we loved the result! We think it looks really clean and modern. There is also the option to choose different placement and combinations - so you can create something that is completely unique to you. 



Remake on a Rustic


Another option that we experimented with was the hand-painted rustic stroke. This is done by hand and produces a strong 'rugged' line placed at the top of the product. This rustic expression gives the tableware an honest, rough feeling without taking the attention away from the food. 


We think this options brings a whole new meaning to 'rustic'. No longer are you confined to brown and beige tones to achieve the rustic look, you can now experiment with different colours.  We love how the rustic look is changing and revolutionising. Do not be afraid to move away from brown tones, with this bespoke service, you can experiment with different colours. You can rely on the pattern giving it the authentic, rustic look. 


For this look, we went for a dark grey tone and we love the results. It works really well with any type of buffet, but again, the colour is completely up to you. Go on, be brave and experiment with something different. We are always here for guidance and advice. 



The Design Process

Because there are so many bespoke options out there, it can sometimes be a little daunting on where to start and to see where your designs will go.

We work with Figgjo to ensure the design process runs as smoothly as possible and you know exactly what is happening and what you are getting, from start to finish. 

So, how does the design process work?

  • It all starts with contact. You may call our office or visit our showroom and discuss a proposal with us. 
  • Our design team will be on hand to help with ideas and guidance
  • We pass this on to Figgjo, who will put together a Design Proposal
  • We will then discuss this Design Proposal with you, where changes can be made 
  • A revised Design Proposal will be put together
  • You can either sign off on the Proposal or you have the option to amend
  • Once everything is approved, Figgjo will then start making these designs a reality
  • It normally takes 2-4 weeks to complete after approval

We have an amazing design team who are on hand to help with ideas and guidance throughout the design process. Think you want to get started on making your own designs? Get in touch today.