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Inspire Me...SteamPunk / Gothic Glam

How we put the concept together

Like everything we do, even when we put together concepts for customers, it all started with an initial idea and we gradually expanded on the idea and added in our unique flair, which in the end, became its own unique concept.   

We wanted our booth to stand out and for people to stop and look because it was so different. Corporate just isn't our style, so we wanted to take a more creative approach. 

At first, we wanted our stand to look Gothic but Glam – mixing black crockery with more subtle colours, such as pink or white to create contrast.  

And then our Managing Director discovered ‘SteamPunk’…. 

What is SteamPunk?

SteamPunk is very unique and it is actual a thing!

Think the Victorian era, mixed with American Wild West, mixed with Industry, mixed with Science Fiction.

We didn’t want to completely copy this look, but instead take out the bits we thought would work with our Gothic Glamour look.

For instance, we loved the mix of colours – golds, reds and dark greys and the textures - exposed brick and leather.

So we incorporated this into our stand design. Choosing to cover the plain white walls in dark grey, using candles to set a mood, we mixed dark grey crockery with dusty pinks and rose gold cutlery. We also made our table look like an abandoned dinner party, with over-turned glasses and disordered cutlery - we purposely didn’t want the table to look set.

We even asked Figgjo to design Wall Art with this theme in mind – what do you think?

To complete the look, Ella (who works in our London showroom) put together a magnificent flower display, which was placed in the centre of our tables.



The Reaction

Our Gothic Glamour/ Steampunk theme certainly turned heads and created a lot of interest!

It was a great experience and we had so much fun putting the concept together and seeing it come to life at the show. 

If you need help putting a concept together, whether you are opening a new restaurant, club, or undergoing a revamp – we have the experience and passion to put something together and all within budget!


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