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The Perfect Combination

What makes the perfect summer cocktail? Strawberries and Champagne, of course! Which is why we decided to go for the Strawberry Rossini to show you how you can make the most of your summer cocktails! 

You should invest as much time and effort into your cocktail menu as you do your food menu - remember, customers not only eat with their eyes but drink with them too! You want to make a good first impression! 

We decided to serve our Strawberry Rossini in Wormwood glassware - a stunning new range from Italian glass company, Italesse. We went for the Gallone jug (which we loved so much we took it home!) teamed with the classic Astoria glass. You have the option of plain or an etched frosted pattern, we went for the pattern as it enhances the colour of the cocktail beautifully. 


We finished our cocktail with a refreshing bowl of strawberries and cream, yum!

London's Favourite

The Aperol Spritz is certainly having its moment in London this summer! We have seen this vibrant cocktail featured on so many drinks menus across London.

The colour is amazing! We served ours in a patterned Wormwood Galante glass. This glass gives you plenty of room to fill with ice and top with a garnish. 

We finished ours with a wedge of orange and a sprig of Rosemary, cheers! So refreshing, don't you think? 

The Traditionalist

Who doesn't love a Negroni? It's classic, it's strong (a lot stronger than Aperol Spritz!) and it's sooo sophisticated! It makes the perfect Aperitif! 

We decided to serve ours in Wormwood's patterned Rock-Gobbler. 

We wanted to move away from the traditional tumbler and go for something with a bit more style and sophistication.

We think it looks amazing, what do you think?