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Daiquiri Look 1

Last year, Gin was in! Cocktail lounges, bars and even pubs across the UK stocked up on gins from around the world (in all flavours imaginable, some we didn’t even know existed) and extended their gin lists to cater for the demand of this new favourite spirit! Although we think the gin trend is going to stick around for a while, we have, however, noticed another contender creeping its way onto everyone’s cocktail list and that is good old Rum. Whether you like it dark, white or spiced – it seems Rum cocktails are becoming a new favourite, not only in bars but also at food and drink festivals.

Similar to Gin, Rum is the main ingredient in so many cocktails, so your presentation should be just as important. Customers are no longer satisfied with having their cocktail in a boring glass. With the rise of cocktail food and bar snacks and this new casual way of dining and drinking, it is time to start making your cocktail menu a concept, rather than an after-thought.

We love putting together looks for all types of dining and drinks is no exception. Actually, we have our own term for this type of eating, Barrelo. It is the combination of drinks and food and how to serve in the most creative way possible. You can find out more about this here.

We have jumped on the Rum trend and put together a couple of looks to get you started! Our cocktail of choice is the famous Hemmingway Daiquiri; a cocktail with a story. Legendary writer, Ernest Hemmingway, liked a drink or two and he spent a lot of his free time in bars. It was no secret that his favourite tipple was a Daiquiri, which he discovered from his time in Cuba. So, a special sweet Daiquiri was created just for him and now the name lives on. Warning, it is a very sweet concoction - White Rum, Syrup, Grapefruit Juice and a squeeze of lime – so it’s not to everyone’s taste but the combinations creates a vibrant colour that looks so tempting! You can probably make little changes to this recipe, to put your own twist on it!

A Hemmingway Daiquiri is traditionally served in a coupe glass. We have went for our Optic Champagne Saucer. It is 21cl, the perfect size for a cocktail and it features curved grooves, which give it a beautiful shape and makes it more interesting that just a plain coupe.

To show off the cocktail and glass, we went for two looks; the first is Metallic. Instead of using a wooden board or tray to serve our drink and snacks, we decided to do something a little different and use a plate as a tray. We think it works really well. We used our new Black Gold plate in 26cm, which offers a smooth, glossy finish – bringing a bit of dazzle to the display. The bowl is Claro Silver and is perfect for bite-size snacks. It doesn’t drive attention away from the cocktail, it is simply there to complement.

Look two, is a bit more dark and mysterious. We wanted something that would really make the colour of the cocktail pop and black or dark plates do this beautifully with food, so we tried it with this and it works! We used our Basic Plate in Dark Grey 24cm and for snacks we mixed in our Basic Bowl in Ivory. We love to mix the grey and ivory from our Basic range together as the two colours complement each other beautifully. It also brings a bit of colour to the presentation.