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White Now

White plates have and will always be in fashion, it’s just sometimes they don’t get as much attention because chefs are looking for something a little bit different. But, what’s not to like; they are classic, they are simple and they can enhance any dish. They are also so versatile and can be mix and matched with almost any colour. For example, mix with black plates and you have an instant sophisticated monochrome look. Mix with pastels and you can create a subtle Mediterranean vibe. The options are endless, which is why we personally love white plates and why we think ‘White Now’ is going to be a big trend this season.

In terms of design, there is so much that you can do with a white plate, without taking away its sophisticated appeal. We are talking about textures! Whether it’s a speckled effect on the side, a rough edge or dust-effect glaze, white is not just plain old white anymore. Adding texture makes a plate stand out and become instantly Instagramable, as it subtly frames the food and creates a talking point for diners. It’s time to embrace white plates once again and make it the statement piece of your tableware collections.

We recently did a photoshoot with Kenny Atkinson, Chef Owner of Newcastle’s House of Tides, where we experimented with these unique textured white plates. His food looked amazing, see what you think!

“Chefs will always love white plates,” Kenny shared with us, “but now we want something that has a point of difference, whether that is in texture, the tone of the glaze or in the different materials used. Stoneware gives a very different effect to Porcelain or Bone China.”

We couldn’t agree more. A white glaze can look completely different across Bone China, Porcelain and Stoneware as it depends how it is worked and how it reacts. But this is the beauty of a white plate.

For over a year now, we have had the pleasure of working with UK potter, Linda Bloomfield, who exclusively designed and made a range of white hand-made porcelain plates that are fast becoming a chef favourite. The result is an off-white, almost ivory tone glaze, which looks so beautiful when mixed with Linda’s grey collection. Shop the Simplicity range here.

When it comes to Bone China, Narumi will always be top of the list. Their plates are bright white and can be spotted in fine dining restaurants across the world for their ‘pure’ look. Our favourite has got to be their Esprit collection, which features a textured edge that is designed to effortless frame your food, without taking attention away from it. Browse and shop Esprit here. 

Our Montgolfier brand is renowned for its innovative reactive stoneware glazes that always create a buzz in the industry! If you think their colour collections are amazing, you will be glad to know that they don’t hold back when it comes to white plates. They have recently introduced Confetti, Dust and Dentelle to their white collections, which features innovative patterns on the edge and sides of the plate (as seen in our Goodf Guide, get your copy here). We haven’t seen anything quite like this before, so we are really excited about introducing these collections to restaurants and hotels. If you have visited our London showroom recently, then you have properly already had a chance to see these glazes first! Looking for something a bit more subtle? Their classic Clair De Lune glaze is loved by chefs across all types of styles and cuisines and will always be one of our all-time favourites. Shop here.

Have we got you thinking differently about white plates? There is so much more to white plates than what is on the surface. Head over to our White Now Look Book and get your hands on this latest trend.