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A classic. The Old-Fashioned has always and will always be in style. Voted one of the UK’s favourite cocktails for the last four years running, this drink has rich routes and is showing no signs of ever going out of fashion.

The Old Fashioned oozes tradition and doesn’t need dressing up too much. Our advice, keep it simple.

For this look, we took the drink back to its routes of prosperous gentleman clubs. Served on the rocks in a heavy-weighted vintage style glass, replacing the traditional orange peel with a cinnamon stick and perfectly placed on a tree-trunk style tray, accompanied by a side of spicy Bombay mix in a dark bowl.  Raise a glass to our Old Fashioned with a Winter twist – cheers.

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Tall, dark and frothy. This sophisticated tipple is for all the coffee lovers out there who enjoy the best of both worlds.

Normally served in a traditional Martini glass, we decided to revamp the Espresso Martini and give it a whole new identity.

We’ve served ours in a quirky, long-stemmed teacup glass, replacing the usual coffee bean with a star anise to give it a bit of spice. Served with a side of popcorn and delivered on a smooth, dark serving tray.

It’s all about keeping it cool, smooth and dark for this look, what do you think?

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Gin, Gin! The drink of 2018 that we are sure will reign in 2019 too. It feels like everybody is sipping gin and we love it!

It so versatile, making it a superb drink for all seasons. In the summer, we mix it with strawberries and raspberries, but in winter, it’s all about cranberry and rosemary.

Gin is usually served in a balloon stemmed glass, but we think this is over done. We went for our Presidente glass, the shape is so sophisticated and delicated and the etched pattern really shows of the colour of the drink. Garnished simply with a sprig of Rosemary and a stick of Cranberries, with a side of traditional Turkish Delight (we love mixing our cocktails with sweet treats) and presented on a feminine picture frame tray.

We are just in love with this look – combining girly and quirky. Cheers!

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