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Zieher - Innovators in Tabletop

We are delighted to bring another great brand into the G & G portfolio. We have had a long personal association with Zieher over the years and can now announce that we are the U.K. representatives for this truly incredible brand. We formalised this relationship prior to Covid but feel that now is the time to really focus on what Zieher can offer you.

From stunning Glassware, through to imaginative Buffet systems, Zieher has an enviable reputation for supplying some of the world’s best hotels.

We can offer you the whole collection of Zieher items, including their  artistic ‘Table Trees’; the grand but delicate ‘Somnia’ display and service bowls; the ever-popular ‘Reef’ range; and the newly developed ‘Vision’ glassware.

From their original ‘Skyline’ Buffet system, Zieher has constantly innovated, bringing new designs to cover every style of food display. From an individual bowl to a full systems, Zieher has every interiors style covered.

We know customers old and new will be excited about this fairly new relationship between Goodfellows and Zieher. We promised to always bring you the best from around the world and with Zieher, we continue to fulfil that promise.

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