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Zieher - Setting the stage

How Zieher’s bold designs will transform any buffet and tabletop.

Food presentation is an art. An opportunity to excite, entice and stimulate guests’ senses.

But it’s more than just decorating or styling the food itself; it’s about dazzling the audience, creating a spectacle – and the technical virtuosity of Zieher products will help set the stage for an award-winning performance.

The German brand which leads the way in buffet and glassware solutions, offers plenty of possibilities to present food and drink in visually striking and highly flexible ways.


Serving up excellence since 1986 and exclusive design since 2006, Zieher has become synonymous with innovation in design, both in the tabletop and the buffet-section.

It’s designs and products are the first choice of five-star hotels in more than 90 countries – including The Berkeley Hotel, Claridge‘s and The Ritz, in London.

Here, we take you on a tour of some of the pioneering products …

Zieher Solid Buffet Display
Zieher Somina Buffet Display
Zieher Vision Glassware

Zieher is known worldwide as a modern company whose strength lies in the implementation of innovative products with appealing, emotional designs.

From floral shapes to skyline designs – and made from many different materials – the collections are elegant, sophisticated and bold.

The Classy buffet displays are made of a translucent material and impress with their exciting texture, which is reminiscent of Italian marble or alabaster. Available in Zieher system heights of 8, 16 and 24 cm, the displays can be combined creatively in a variety of ways. Classy can be staged with or without lighting in a particularly conspicuous or subtle way, as the open underside of the large displays come with optional Zieher LED lights. Whether simple and modern or playful and opulent, Classy fits perfectly into any environment.

The buffet displays of the Solid series are made of solid walnut wood. They may be used as containers for cutlery or French bread, and are particularly suitable for the elevation of the “Modul” walnut trays or other buffet platters.

The filigree finger joints at the corners testify to precise craftsmanship of the highest quality and guarantee perfect stability.

Zieher Classy Buffet Display
Zieher Solid Buffet Display
Zieher Solid Buffet Display
Zieher Somnia Buffet Display
Zieher Reef Bowls

The variety of Zieher buffet bowls is impressive. Stainless steel, brass, porcelain and glass, solid wood, pewter, ceramics and more, formed into bowls through careful craftsmanship.

At first glance, the golden twigs, carefully tied into a bundle, look like sticks and braided objects of a special kind in the Somina range.

The buffet displays and lights in this series consist of organically shaped, filigree sticks made of solid brass in the traditional sand-casting process. These individual parts, which are reminiscent of dry branches, are then carefully handcrafted to create impressive unique pieces.

The matt gold surface of the Somnia series harmonises elegantly with the gray glass of the hand-blown bowls, which have been specially adapted to the shape of the smaller frames. The two larger buffet stands form an elegant base for bowls and buffet platters of all kinds.

The items in the Reef series make statement centerpieces. Extravagant napkin rings set the tone; ostentatious bowls filled with fruit or bread will capture the eye and decorative cutlery holders transform into candle holders; with a removable cylinder made of heat resistant glass protecting the flame from wind – so the product can be used in the garden and on the terrace.

The bowls and baskets from the Reef collection are real works art. Created from a multitude of individual parts, they are reminiscent of shimmering coral banks of the underwater world. The outside of the bowls differ in the surface texture depending on the product - whether softly rounded and smooth or roughly structured with dark patinated depressions, each variant has a special charm.

Thanks to its versatility, Reef not only skillfully stages bread and fruit in the room or at the buffet, but can be used for carefully draped towels in the bathroom or wellness area or decorated with flowers and used as a statement piece in the reception area of flagship hotels.

Trendsetters in the global bar scene, Zieher ‘s inventive ways play straight into the hands of masters of mixology and oenophiles.  

Made of break-proof and temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, The Bar Collection not only offers an exceptional way to serve guests, but with 500ml capacity deigns, there’s plenty of space for experiments and countless recipes.

All glasses are easy to combine and come complete with matching accessories such as trays and straws made of glass.

No distinction is made between red wine or white wine glasses in the VISION collection.

The names of the glasses Fresh, Straight, Intense, Balanced, Nostalgic and Side clearly explain what they are used for. You intuitively reach for the glass, which in the best way presents the flavours of the wine that you particularly wish to emphasize. If you want a powerful wine to be more harmonious or a touch livelier and fresher, you pick the glass with the designation that mirrors your requirement best.

Zieher glasses are all about top quality craftsmanship, and are created in one of the best glass blowing workshops in the world. The glasses are manufactured of lead-tree crystalline glass, using a traditional glass-blowing method. Each glass is unique and has been created by a glass blower with artistry and dedication.

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Zeiher Vision Nostalgic
Zieher Vision Fresh
Zieher Vision Straight
Zieher Vision Intense