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The Hot List - Steve Smith

Next chef to feature on our Hot List is Steve Smith. 

Now, take it from us, Steve Smith makes the best Custard Tart ever, period! We finished off the tart that he brought for our Autumn/Winter photography session in a flash. It had the most delicious wobble on a tart you can imagine and tasted so light and creamy, it was like tasting a slice of heaven.


It’s little wonder that Steve has garnered not only accolades but also very happy diners. He cooks to make people happy. If awards are heaped on him, that’s a bonus. 

We asked him how he sees his menu for Autumn 2017.

‘I start with the ingredients that are in season and we know people are going to enjoy eating them, we build the dish around that. So taking Grouse, we think about the Grouse living amongst heathland, so we might smoke the Grouse over heather. Then we pick what other seasonal ingredients will work really well, like wild mushrooms, Blackberries or Blueberries; so we will probably make the sauce with Blackberries and serve it with roast potatoes and a pie made with mushrooms. To give it the Freemasons’ twist I would probably look to incorporate Hoisin Sauce with the cooking of the Grouse.


Another great combination is Venison smoked over pine. We serve it with a Venison tartare, Parsnips, pickled Pears, smoky Chocolate sauce and, of course, a pie!

I love working with Japanese and Asian flavours but we have to always make sure the customers really want to eat this food. We don’t cook for us, we cook for them. We are a business and we never forget that.’


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