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Ally McGrath's Experience


About 4 years ago I luckily came across Goodfellows, and what a find it has been! 

We have found faultless levels of service and customer care, on the very rare occasion that something is not correct it is dealt with and rectified immediately. Nothing has ever been too much for them.

I think that this can be best put when I first was asked to do BBC2 Great British Menu, I was having real issues with some of my ideas and realising them, after a couple of quick phone calls and a few in depth chats all of a sudden these amazing plates, thistles cut out of wood and scorched, beach scene liners all appeared within a week, and just in time for filming.

I couldn't thank them enough. I was a bit more organised this year when I returned!

Every time a brochure falls through my door it's like being a kid in a sweet shop!

The range of crockery that they can deliver is second to none, there is always something in there that I want, and that is probably the best thing I can say! They are up to date, they are efficient and they have something outstanding for every budget.