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The client wanted a concept putting together for their new Members Club that complement the interiors.



Eleanor Gimbel, Goodfellow’s Design Project Manager, was the first point of contact for The Tunnel Club.

“As with all my projects, I started with research. As I knew this was going to be such an iconic project, I spent a lot of time looking into the branding of the new restaurant. From here, I was able to put together a few ideas. For our first meeting, I set up a table with some initial thoughts, as this is always a good place to start to suss out what your client likes and dislikes. From here, I then gave them a tour of the showroom, but tailored it to what I thought would work for the project, after listening to their thoughts and ideas.

We then worked through the different food offers and what kit would be required as well as the styling and budget of the areas. This then allowed me to suggest different brands that met the brief. This included designing some Figgjo items specifically for them that looked amazing and gave them something unique to complement the interiors. 

Throughout the project we worked closely with the client, tweaking ideas where needed to make sure the project was kept within budget and brand. For example, they loved the Ore Ice Mepra cutlery, but the shape they selected in the showroom wasn’t within budget. I suggested a more affordable shape, but with the same finish, to help with budget restraints but also to keep that touch of luxury that the client was after. 

We also suggested a glass that was much less than they were currently buying but a very similar design. The glass is also very strong, so it will help reduce breakages. This allowed them to add some of the luxury pieces they loved to their project. We always work with the client to find what is right for them and their budget.

We really enjoyed putting this project together as we got to work on such an iconic venue and worked with our clients to develop something really magnificent.”


“It was a pleasure to work with Goodfellow and their team, who understood from the beginning our design brief and aspirations for our project. From the initial meeting, it was clear that the team had a good understanding of our operation, food design, menu and look and feel. From the design & selection to delivery, the project was seamless.

Even with a few challenges along the way, their team always had answers and alternatives enabling me to look at the bigger picture without taking the eye off the finer details”.

Paul Burridge
(Director of Hospitality for Fabulous Fan Fayre – Tunnel Club)