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Extra special food needs extra special presentation, and that’s precisely what our chefonomy food presentation collection provides. Show off your experimental culinary creations with our range of unusual gourmet food presentation ideas, including glass teapots, dry spoons, ice bowls, stands, salt plates and pipettes. Creative food presentation invites the diner to experience food in new and exciting ways, creating lasting memories of your restaurant. Browse our range today to update your presentation serveware collection or find inspiration for your next dish.

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As a gourmet chef, your food is an art form, and the final flourish is the presentation. It has to be just as special as the food, so we’ve assembled a collection of gourmet food presentation serveware to help you showcase your creations properly.

With our creative food presentation collection you can serve your ideas in specially designed wine glasses with handles, or combine delicious morsels of food with harmonising sauces and liquids without the two ever touching with our range of dry spoons. You’ll also find food presentation ideas in the form of glass teapots, ice bowls, salt plates, pipettes and even plates with their own fire cavity built in, so your guests can roast and caramelise their own food.

These styles of food presentation are all about inviting your diners to experience food in new and exciting ways, and making your food stand out in ways ordinary plates and dishes never could. To create lasting memories of your restaurant in your guests minds, browse our presentation range today and find new ideas or stock up on your favourite display pieces.

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