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Smoking & Aromatisin

Create smoking hot dining experiences with our collection of aromatising and food smoking equipment here at Goodfellows. Infuse your dishes with deliciously smoky aromas and exotic flavours and treat your diners to a real culinary treat with the help of our food smokers, cloches and assortment of wood chips. Perfect for experimental chefs looking to take their dishes to the next level, our food smoking and aromatising collection contains all the equipment and accessories you need to get those flavours flowing.

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The key to creating a smoking hot menu is experimentation. With our collection of aromatising and food smoking equipment, you can take culinary experimentation to entirely new levels and create exciting dishes your guests will love. With our range of food smokers, cloches and valves, you can begin infusing your dishes with deliciously smoky aromas and vibrant flavours, all while putting on a captivating culinary show for your diners and turning food into a real experience. 

Enhance all kinds of food from meat and fish to vegetables and drinks with the help of chef-quality food smoking equipment and an assortment of flavourful wood chips from top brands including Super-Aladin. If you’re an experimental chef looking for ways to up your game and diversify your menus, this is the perfect way to take your cooking to the next level. Used by some of the top chefs in the country, food smoking and aromatising is a sure fire way to impress your guests and get those flavours flowing. Simply login or register with us here at Goodfellows to view our prices and begin assembling your food smoking equipment.