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About Chris

Food Story was created to breathe fresh air into the Kosher events scene. With the aim to bring exceptional dishes, the like of which had never before been seen in the Kosher world and a fine attention to detail which would see us fit flawlessly into any venue or five star hotel. 

It took me 15 years in the event catering industry before starting my journey into Kosher. My role as Operations Manager at FS allows me to cover wide remit not only on our luxury events but also in the day to day running of the company. This means one day I’m overseeing the pass for a dinner for 300 while the other I’m dealing with contractors to sign off on building improvements while ordering hundreds of plates from G&G for the next seasons menu. 


Why did you choose G & G?

We chose G&G because we felt they were more aligned with us as a company, being modern and edgy with classic charm and good looks.

We didn’t want to just go with the old fashion look, we wanted crockery that was as modern and as fresh as the food being put on it.

How did you find the service at G & G?

Amazing! I’ve had to place last minute orders due to clients changing their minds or event numbers increasing and have never once been let down by G&G. NEVER.

The team have gone out of their way to help and can never do enough to meet my high expectations.

What is the best thing about G & G and how they can help?

Kimberley Rogers (our Account Handler at G & G). I have been dealing with Kimberley since my first call to G&G and wouldn’t have it any other way. We could harp on about the amazing selection G&G have to offer all day but all of that means nothing if you can’t back it up with the right people and in Kimberley G&G have a star.

Kimberley is packed full of charm and good nature but ultimately it’s the reassurances she offers when you say I need 400 plates Monday and the answer is yes, we can do it. Sure enough it is. 

I know it’s a team effort and also want to say thank you to everyone at G&G who has helped us along the way to ensure we get the standard of service associated with this niche market.

Would I recommend G & G to another company? Yes, without question.