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About Peter Logan

I am the Head Chef of Baxterstorey working at Heathrow, overseeing British Airways Lounges, Arrivals, Galleries, 1st Class and Concorde Lounge.

Predominately my focus is on Concorde (1st Class Passengers) and 1st Class (Business Class Lounge).

Why Did You Choose G & G?

I have used plates from G&G in the past but never had a direct contact with the company. When I joined Baxterstorey 2 years ago, part of my brief was to bring up the standard in plating from what was being used back then.

We called up Paul and Elly and provided a brief, and they more than met our expectations, and still do when we require bespoke items to be made or sourced.

They are not found at any commercial show, which for me makes it a bit more interesting as they will work with you to get the perfect piece of equipment for the purpose it is needed for. 

Their portfolio of plates is far from a catalogue, it is more a framework of what can be done to enhance the food you serve on them. It is not a book where all you will see is just plates after plates, it showcases the unique and sexy plates which is much more interesting.


What kind of projects have you worked on with G & G?

1) Bringing up the standards of our dining area (plates) 9 ranges of plates in our Concorde dining area

2) Bespoke wooden unique burger boxes

3) Tapas wear for our 1st class lounges

4) Bespoke wooden pastry trays with branding

5) Bespoke Serrano ham case.

6) Top ups of our range of 9 plates as well as other items we use across our 1st class lounge

What did you think of your G & g Service?

There is 2 sides to service from G&G

1) The personal and tangible from Paul and Elly, which is second to none. They are interested in what we do as a caterer and in making our business work with what they provide. As you can imagine, we serve approx. 1000 plated meals a day to our Concorde passengers and we require plates that are elegant but are robust enough to take the heavy wear and tear. G&G provide this.

2) From the Head Office, I cannot fault the one person who we have as our Key Accounts Manager (Kimberley) she is always attentive to what we need and works with the tight deadlines we are always under. I don’t think there is one thing Kimberley has not been able to achieve in the period of time we have used G&G.


What do you like most about G & G's Service?

Two words will sum up G&G: Personal service  

Would you recommend G & G to another company/colleague/Friend?

Absolutely!  It stands out from any normal supplier in the way that you are looked after as if you were their only customer.  

They have a range of budget from your entry level plates to the high end and surprisingly enough they are not as expensive as you would think, coming from such a high end supplier.