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Affordable Luxury

So many styles…all under £10! Affordable Luxury is all about offering you the best brands at the best prices. This is just a taste of our Affordable Luxury range – check out our Tableware section to see more, we think you will be surprised by some of the options!

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Speckled Stoneware

Black plates make the perfect canvas if you are looking to really enhance the colours of your dish. 

We absolutely love the speckled effect on these stoneware plates, giving a modern, unique twist to the traditional black plate. 


Reactive Glazes

The fascinating thing about reactive glazes is that each plate comes out slightly different, meaning each is completely unique.

We have found a brand that offers this type of unique glaze on porcelain, with a great price tag too! 


All-Time Favourite

A firm favourite amongst chefs all over the world, Modulo Nature. And we know why, its affordable, its stylish and durable! The textured finished is also another reason why chefs love this range.

Available in glazes Kaolin, Warm Grey, Blue and Red. Why not mix and match to make a unique set?