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As you all know, deciding on the perfect tableware for a restaurant can be challenging, so imagine what it’s like trying to come up with the items needed to create an amazing presentation for a large buffet or food display. Luckily, we are experts on both and this Inspire Me page is all about giving you a bit of insight into how we put together concepts for buffet solutions.

Serax is Back

We are proud to announce the return of Serax to our carefully curated portfolio of supplier brands.

Zieher - Setting the stage

How Zieher’s bold designs will transform any buffet and tabletop.

Food presentation is an art. An opportunity to excite, entice and stimulate guests’ senses.

But it’s more than just decorating or styling the food itself; it’s about dazzling the audience, creating a spectacle – and the technical virtuosity of Zieher products will help set the stage for an award-winning performance.


From the very first time we saw Cookplay, we fell in love with Ana Roquero’s designs. She has a really unique take on the presentation of food which epitomises what we admire about modern Spanish creativity.

Bring on the Buffet


Last year, Gin was in! Cocktail lounges, bars and even pubs across the UK stocked up on gins from around the world (in all flavours imaginable, some we didn’t even know existed) and extended their gin lists to cater for the demand of this new favourite spirit! Although we think the gin trend is going to stick around for a while, we have, however, noticed another contender creeping its way onto everyone’s cocktail list and that is good old Rum. Whether you like it dark, white or spiced – it seems Rum cocktails are becoming a new favourite, not only in bars but also at food and drink festivals.

White Now

White plates have and will always be in fashion, it’s just sometimes they don’t get as much attention because chefs are looking for something a little bit different. But, what’s not to like; they are classic, they are simple and they can enhance any dish. They are also so versatile and can be mix and matched with almost any colour.

Meet at the Barrelo

One of the most exciting things about being part of the hospitality industry is how fast it moves. Trends come and go, some stick and others don’t but it is always exciting! We have a lot of fun developing concepts for ‘the next big thing’ or the latest craze.


Not feeling Dry January? Us either! Actually, we’ve been busy putting together concepts for Winter Cocktails, as we know this is going to be a huge trend this year. Want to take your bar presentation to the next level in 2019? Then check our latest Inspire Me page for a teaser of what's to come…


It’s that time of year again chefs! Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? We know this time of year is a really busy time for restaurants, pubs and hotels, so our little Goodfellows elves have put together a Chef Gift Guide to save you time and stress when choosing a gift for your brigade! Read on for ideas…

Round the World with Figgjo

Every culture has its own unique look and this can not only be seen in fashion and food but also in tableware too.  

For this Inspire Me, we travel around the world with Figgjo (hypothetically, of course) – looking at East Asian, Japanese, Arabic and Mediterranean styles and how you can create these looks with tableware and decoration!



As you have probably heard, we have moved showroom to 20 Little Portland Street!

We have been in our new ‘Plate Paradise’ for about a month now and we are settling in nicely. After the rush of the move and the buzz of our Move Party now over, we can finally reveal how we put it all together and hopefully inspire you along the way too!

Royal Occasions

We've noticed many of you are hosting special events to celebrate the upcoming Royal Wedding. This got us thinking about how we would dress up our table for such an afluent occasion!

From them Afternoon Tea to Special Menu' below to see ideas! 


SteamPunk / Gothic Glam

We recently exhibited at Table, a trade show dedicated to design led F & B experts. 

This show was the first of its kind in the UK, so we wanted to do something completely different and make the most of the space. 

We came up with a SteamPunk/Gothic Glamour theme. Click the image below to find out how we put this look together! 


Winter White

Simple, sophisticated and clean designs. This season we are celebrating #SexyWhitePlates 


Click the images below to see more!


Collection Privé

Shh…Collection Privé is our new service for bespoke, exclusive and unique products. We have put this together for those who want to ensure their food presentation is unique to them. 

We will consult on an individual basis with each Collection Privé client guaranteeing that their selection will not be available to everyone else. Intrigued and want to find out more?

Contact us on 0844 334 5232 and arrange an appointment at our London showroom to be one of the first to have access to our Collection Prive products. Click below for a preview. 


Affordable Luxury

At Goodfellows, we search the world to find you the best brands, we not only look for the best in quality and style but also in value for money too. We make luxury affordable.

We have found some fantastic products at fantastic prices – click the images below for a teaser of our Affordable Luxury collections. Or browse our Tableware Collections here.

Modern Fine Dining

When we think of Modern Fine Dining, so many things come to mind...we have put together a few ideas to help you perfect the Modern Fine Dining Look. Just click the images below for more inspiration. 

Special Decoration

Whatever your style, we have the ideas and products to inspire you into creating something unique at a price that you can afford.

We have put together a few different looks, to give you an idea of what can be achieved with our bespoke service. Click the image below to see more. 


Casual Dining

Looking for some crockery inspiration for your causal dining restaurant or pub? We have lots of options…just click on the images below to see more!


Summer Cocktails

Warm summer nights with an ice-cold cocktail in hand - the perfect combination! Now is the best time to start investing in your cocktail and we've got a few ideas on how you can stand out from your competition! Just click the images below for more inspiration...

Afternoon Tea

Nothing says luxury quite like Afternoon Tea. It is a delightful part of British culture and has proven to be a major tourist attraction for hotels and restaurants around the country. We have put together some concepts, that cater for all styles of Afternoon Tea and all budgets too. Just click the below images to see more. 

Why not visit our Look Book for more inspirations and ideas!