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Inspire Me...Modern Fine Dining

Pretty Patterns


People expect more from Modern Fine Dining. They not only want amazing food, but they want the whole 'fine dining' experience.

 You can create the perfect atmosphere with your tableware. Because Modern Fine Dining is special, why not invest more in your tableware and design something that is completely unique to your restaurant or hotel? 


Bet you are wondering how this can be done? Well, we give you the ability to design your own tableware! We can do this through our Norwegian porcelain supplier, Figgjo. For as few as 48 pieces you can create your own range of tableware on their products.


We have picked two of our favourite designs from Figgjo that we think work perfectly with the Modern Fine Dining look - Figgjo Tree (right) and Figgjo IS (below). These designs are unique enough to fit with the magnificent interiors that are expected of fine dining restaurants but also delicate enough to allow the food to take centre stage.


These are perfect options if you are looking to move away from the traditional white plate, but still want to achieve the 'high quality' look. 




So Much Choice


Of course, these are just examples. When it comes to designing your own tableware - there are so many possibilities! This is exciting, but also a little daunting if you have never done anything like this before. 


That's why our design team are on hand to help you with colour choices and effects. Great place to start - why not head over to our Figgjo page here and pick which products you would like to design?


From here, we can help you with the bespoke part. For even more ideas, it may be worth your while visiting our London showroom. We have a variety of bespoke pieces on display here and we encourage you to pick up each product and get a real look and feel.   


What we are showing you on this page, this is just a taster of what can be done....why not get in touch to discuss more options? 

Centre Stage



If you think a subtle pattern is just a step too far away from that 'clean, white, contemporary' look then we suggest you keep things simple.


After all, when it comes to Modern Fine Dining, the food is normally so intricately beautiful, more like a work of art than a meal, it seems right that you choose a plate that allows the food to take centre stage. The plate is just the canvas. 


We love Hering Berlin - they really know how to push the boundaries with porcelain and are renowned for their contemporary designs. One of our favourites is the Pulse plate - pictured on the right. The textured edge creates the perfect frame for your food, rather than drawing attention away from it.


Modern, simple and very fine dining - the perfect choice!




Simply Stunning


Bone China is the perfect option for Modern Fine Dining. It is lighter than porcelain, making it appear more delicate and elegant. 


We work with bone china brand, Narumi. They combine traditional Japanese craftmanship with modern technologies to achieve the true mark of quality that you expect from bone china. It is a brand that is well-known amongst some of the finest restaurants and hotels around the world because of its high quality but also because of its elegant designs.


New to Narumi is the Flat Plate - pictured left. Because there is no 'traditional' rim, this plate gives you enough space to get really creative with your dishes. This also gives your diners more movement to really get a feel of your dish. 


Want to see more from Narumi bone china? Take a look at their product page here. 

The Symbol of Sophistication



Fine Dining is all about luxury. Everything from the interiors to the food oozes sophistication.


When we think of fine dining, there is one brand in particular that jumps out at us and that is Furstenberg. Founded in 1747, today the Furstenberg trademark, the blue 'F' with a crown above, is internationally recognised as a symbol of sophisticated artwork from Germany. 


Offering 'raised rim' and 'deep centre' plates that have been designed specifically to enhance your creations. We love the raised rim - see pictured on the left. This is like a mini stage for your food, drawing the diners attention right at the centre.


Why not take a look at our whole Furstenberg collection here.  




Get in touch

There are many ways you can achieve the 'Modern Fine Dining' look. What we have suggested above are just a small selection of our ideas. 

Our experienced team love to talk trends and have the knowledge to find something that suits your look and budget. Get in touch today.